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Effect of mycorrhiza infection on young oaks (Quercus seemannii)


By Matthias Helbig, Bernd Lisek, and Monika Lisek

The question is, whether some mycorrhiza infection is necessary for Quercus seemannii under reforestation conditions in cloud forest climate (Costa Rica, western Talamanca, elevation 2000 m). We made an experiment using 480 plant bags of 1 litre, setting 5 acorn in each of them, and treating them in five different manners:

1. Adding soil and root pieces from an oak forest.
2. Adding soil from a well-developed secondary forest without oaks.
3. Adding pieces of oak mycorrhiza fungi (Leccinum andinum).
4. No special treatment.
5. Washing the acorns in order to remove fungal spores.

The development of the seedlings and saplings was assessed by means of the number of leafes and the leaf colour.

In the first few months the experiment showed a clear advantage of adding mushroom pieces. However, after some pest problems arose, this effect did not endure. Now the plants in contact with soil and root pieces from an oak forest became much better.

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